EMSA performed on an ongoing seminars and technical training courses, both internally for our technical and sales and, above all, for our clients. Our goal is to offer every day a level higher value-added services, and among them are convinced that training is a key factor in this.

To provide quality equipment and world-class is a very important factor, which EMSA understand the customer already has in mind when he addresses us, so our family business philosophy will always be to seek differentiators that allow us improve our level of after-sales services.

Due to the constant evolution of markets and production equipment, proper technical training of teams is key in any business, mainly to have adequate levels of productivity in this competitive environment.

Having trained and qualified in different areas of the company, such as operators, site personnel, maintenance technicians and staff increasingly
more staff in the purchasing department, is key to ensuring a smooth and efficient management of production equipment.

A better understanding of the equipment is so important for the owner to EMSA company, whose primary objective is to minimize the maximum incidents and, more importantly, if they occur, these can be remedied in most cases by staff of the owner himself.

A training program consistently provided us with significant competitive advantages over other brands. Technicians and operators of our clients have obtained by this means a level of training, knowledge of the equipment and learning level, much higher than they had previously, and this has brought many benefits to both our customers and our own business.